Prince Johann George V

Prince Jorge Adrian Jimenez Torres, KG, KT, KCB of Hanover and Spain (Born Jürgen Ulrich; born 16 February 1987) is the Prince in the Kingdom of Hanover and the Prince of Spain. He ascended the throne on 30 June 2016 upon the abdication of his father from the House of Jiménez. He is six in line of succession to the throne in Spain after the King of Spain respectively, and third in line of succession in the Kingdom of Hanover.

Prince Johann George V born in Tützpatz in Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district is a musician, DJ, record producer, a former footballer and member of Crown of Hanover. He started on his music career in 2015-16 in remembrance to Johann Sebastian Bach. In 2019, he toured and performed live over 19 cities and 10 countries including Croatia, United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, France, Norway, Indonesia, Spain, Germany, and United States. His music covers from electronica, pop, and all type of synthesizers with orchestra. He has collaborated with a range of artists around the world on different releases who were only released on music festivals. Prince Johann George V is of Basque, French and German descent. However, on one hand he considers himself Latino American as a consequence of being raised in United States in a Latin American community and on the other hand, he is very keen to his Jewish European roots after many trips to European countries as a child in which he rediscovered his Jewish roots.

He has worked for BMW, Zurich Insurance, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom. In Deutsche Bank he was an advisor to its CFO and responsible for the restructure of the bank and while he stabilized its equity, revenue, net income, and assets by using a micro and macro formula for the next years and overseeing the changes of behavior of the bank.

He declared he is of Jewish faith. However, he does not practice Judaism but admits he follows his roots of Judaism. He is multilingual; other than his native Spanish, he is also fluent in Portuguese, and English. Also, has a daughter born in Germany with model Heidi Klum and a Dutch son.

He was born in North-Rhine Westphalia in a small town Tützpatz in Mecklenburg Lake District. He is of Basque, French and German descent and grew up in the Caribbean and United States since he was born. His grandfather Adolfo Jimenez Hernandez studied in Europe and did politics after 1932. He taught in Leipzig University in Germany and in University of Salamanca in Spain. His father Francisco Jiménez Benítez was named after Francisco Franco because his grandfather lived in Franco-era in Spain. When he was young, Jorge “George” Jiménez Torres was sent him to Buenos Aires, Argentina to play football at three different seasons until he achieved contracts with youth teams. However, on one hand he considers himself Latino American as been raised in United States in a Latin American community and on the other hand, he is very keen to his Jewish European roots after many trips to European countries as a child and as adult he found interest in Arabic and Jewish studies which he studied in university and after he rediscovered his Jewish roots. His Royal lineage goes back to Second World War when Hitler attacked France and United Kingdom. His house is the richest house in Europe and he controls everything within since his wealth came from Swiss banks that were part of his disappeared family killed in Auschwitz during WWII.

Jorge Jiménez Torres made his debut as a youth in Estudiantes de La Plata. In Estudiantes he played 47 matches and scored 13 goals with 28 assists. Then he was transferred to play in Club Atlético Banfield where he played 81 matches and scored 19 goals with 37 assists. He played a season in Boca Juniors sub-23 where had a good season and scored 7 goals, 10 assists in 30 matches. Then he returned back to Spain and after successful tryouts in Spain he went to play in Greece at different tournaments with PAOK FC and shortly after he was signed to GNK Dinamo Zagreb as a professional football player. In June 16 he was offered a contract in La Liga at Real Madrid CF after he was on a recess for two years. He left retirement after three years without playing football as a consequence of a fractured knee.

Thereafter, went to Spain for therapy and after recovery he was signed Real Madrid Castilla and debuted in the first team and played against Cádiz CF where he scored 2 goals and 7 assists. He played 6 matches in Villarreal CF in 2010 as a visiting player and was recalled back to Real Madrid Castilla. When he returned he went on to play in Spain with Real Madrid Castilla so he could develop further skills in the Spanish League in which he succeeded in different seasons, in Real Madrid Castilla he scored 10 goals in 16 matches with 8 assists. He was signed for one season at Bayern Munich in 2018 and scored 12 goals, 15 assists in 38 matches. In 2019, he was loaned to FC Barcelona and played 19 matches with 6 goals and 13 assists. Real Madrid CF tried to hire him as a player but once talks failed about fundamental agreement of the defender with Bayern Munich and accorded to a fixed transfer fee from €285 million euros to €88 million euros said FC Bayern in a mandatory announcement. Real Madrid board have agreed to the contract valid until 30 June 2027, until they went separate ways.

He is known for his workrate, playmaking and finishing. He also plays as an attacking midfielder or as a defensive midfielder or striker when needed. He was influenced since a child by the plays of Zinedine Zidane and Maradona. His characteristics and playing role in midfield initially led him to play midfield position in his youth. His youth influence players were Martín Palermo, Cafu and Ronaldo in which he recalled as his desire to play football in Argentina after his family said Brasil was too risky. Jimenez Torres at age 16 was promoted from Estudiantes de La Plata to Club Atletico Banfield by its second coach, who was impressed with his dribbling. He subsequently became under for the club’s under-23, in the B team, and then first team, all within a single season. His short, strong legs allow him to succeed in bursts of acceleration while his quick feet enable him to retain control of the ball when dribbling at different speeds. Jimenez Torres is the only player that runs faster without ball than he does with and without it. Examples, can be found in videos of his plays at Real Madrid Castilla in 2009 where he can be seen running faster at same pace as well at PAOK FC videos faster and reach a goal. He has has a lower centre of gravity than taller players, which gives him greater agility, due to his short stature allowing him to change direction more quickly and evade opposing tackles.

As a businessman is co-owner of Bayern Munich with 15% of shares and Bayer Leverkusen with 15% of shares with a total of 30% in both organizations  and 100% owner of 16TracksNetwork. He is the Owner, Chairman and CEO of the Aerospace Satellite company that focuses in the foundation of architectural satellite technology and flight-proven technologies. 16TracksNetwork and procures builds ups only tried-and-true technology, often conducting rigorous testing for a year or more before signing a procurement contract. He has a Commercial Pilot (CPL) and works with multiple airlines apart from his company 16TracksNetworks. He worked as an Intelligence Officer for the Israeli Security Services in Israel as an analyst handling confidential information amongst agencies. He launched and founded 16TracksNetwork Foundation with a Museum in New York by the name 2Moma.

He became a supporter of development of French and German business laws against bankruptcy on different banks in Europe. Included the support of development of French, Spanish, and German and all European countries by pushing for a sustainable development against fraud in the EU Budget paying from his pocket €181 million and creating an anti-fraud programme who finance targeted training and the exchange of information and best practice between anti-fraud enforcers in Europe. It also provide support for investigative activities through the purchase of technical equipment used in detecting and investigating fraud, as well as facilitate access to secure information systems. 

He has contributed to the Parliamentary Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE PA) which brings together parliamentarians from 57-state OSCE region that connects Europe, Asia and North America. It offers a forum for political dialogue, plays a leading role in election observation and strengthens international cooperation to implement common voluntary commitments in the fields of security and politics, business and the environment, as well as democracy and human rights.

The main task is to facilitate an interparliamentary dialogue, which is an important part of the overall efforts to face the challenges of democracy in 57 participating states of North America and Eurasia. As a regional agreement in accordance with the United Nations Charter, the OSCE is primarily an instrument for early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation. Its Parliamentary Assembly was established in accordance with the Paris Charter of 1990 to be the oldest surviving OSCE institution to strengthen the involvement of national parliaments in the OSCE.

He served on a joint duty assignment as the Executive Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). In this capacity, he worked with NSA’s Director and Deputy Director and provided leadership in all areas of the enterprise and to represent NSA’s interests both internally and externally. Mr. Jorge Jimenez Torres began his career in the civilian federal service in December of 2007 when he joined the National Security Agency as a NOC-Officer during his NSA tenure Mr. Jimenez Torres served in key leadership roles, to include that supported Director, Open Source Enterprise; Deputy Director, NSA Office of Public Affairs (OPA), before joining the Department of Defense, Mr. Jimenez Torres served at the same time in the United States Marine Corps as a Station Operator and Air to Surface Duty Officer, with his current rank of Major. His Marine Corps assignments included Missiles Officer including Advanced SATCOM Officer, Marine Corps Cyber Command division for Space and Communications Systems; and, Program Manager/Systems Operator for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Currently Mr. Jimenez Torres specifically leads the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) while synchronizing the United States CENTCOM with the latter. He left in good terms but declared the United States is a country of despair.

He declared he is of Jewish faith. However, he does not practice Judaism but admits he follows his roots of Judaism. He is multilingual; other than his native Spanish, he is also fluent in Portuguese, and English. Also, has a daughter born in Germany with model Heidi Klum and a Dutch son.

He graduated from the University of Zurich (UZH) in a joint study with Universität Göttingen with a PhD in Sociology, Mathematics, and Physics that invalidated Max Weber in Psychology, Political Sciences, and Mathematics theories using the argument backed by John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau that supports that each individual is free and equal against any claims that God had made all people naturally subject to a government or monarch with the conclusion that any political correlation illusion is resolved through mathematical problems leaving any attachment out of premonition and materialism with full accreditation as a PhD. He said in the past he only uses the Doctor title in Europe but not in America only in some cases. His PhD was recognized in the same ceremony of Supreme Court Member of Switzerland, Vera Rottenberg Liatowitsch who was awarded same as her honorary degree in Budapest, Hungary.

He helped and founded with donations the Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt. The Children’s Cancer Hospital widely known as Hospital 57357 is a unique healthcare institution and an ultimate example of what can be achieved when people work together for a common goal. The people of Egypt and friends from all over the world and most particularly in the Arab World have contributed generously to the establishment of the hospital which has been completely built by donations. Egyptians from all walks of life rallied around the setting up of a state of the art pediatric oncology hospital to achieve the dream of a better tomorrow for their children with cancer. One day, a young doctor at the Pediatric Department (Prof. Dr. Sherif Abul-Naga) at the National Cancer Institute was exposed to a severe tragedy when 13 out of 16 children died in front of him. At that time, the young doctor, Dr. Sherif Abul-Naga, decided to emigrate to the profession and focused in the creation of the hospital in which Prince Jorge Jiménez Torres helped with its foundation by donations.

Also, he bought in 2017 the Hohenwerfen Fortress, located in the outskirts of Salzburg for €2.7 billion under the name Johann “Georg” Jimenez-Cohen-Torres an alias he used so people did not confuse over its property because is very special too him. He has it registered on his name and under the control of the Austrian government. The castle was sold with an offer and sold in a bid.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms

  •  Argentina:
    •  Grand Cross of the Order of May of Military Merit
  •  Belgium:
    • Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown
  •  Chile:
    • Isla Rey Jorge; named after him after he was born in 1987 by the British and Russian known as Waterloo Island or May 25 Island in Argentina.
  •  Brazil:
    •  Grand Cross of the Order of the Southern Cross
  •  Denmark:
    • Recipient of the Orders, decorations, and medals of Denmark 350th Anniversary Medal of the Royal Danish Life Guards
  •  Finland:
    •  Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the White Rose of Finland


  • Grand Cross of the National Chivalric order of the Legion of Honour
    • He has a street named after him in France, Rue George (Mapped 16) in Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur


  •  Israeli Defense Forces Rav Seren
  •  Jordan:
    •  Grand Master of the Order of Military Gallantry
  •  Netherlands:
    •  Co-Grand Master of the Order of Orange-Nassau
    •  Co-Grand Master and Knight of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau
  •  Norway:
    •  National Service Medal of Norway
  •  Kingdom of Prussia
    • Knight of the Black Eagle
  •  Kingdom of France
    • Knight of the Holy Spirit
  •  Qatar:
    •  Collar of the Order of Independence
  •  Russia:
    •  Knight of the Order of St. Andrew

Jorge “George” Jiménez Torres on the Royal Order of Bath

  •  Saudi Arabia:
    •  Collar of the Order of King Abdulaziz
  •  Sweden:
    •  Knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim
  •  United Kingdom:
    •  Order of the Garter Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (KG)
    •  Order of the Thistle Extra Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle (KT)
    •  The Most Honourable Order of the Bath Knight Commander (KCB)


  •  Kingdom of Hanover
    • Order of the Knight of St. George
  •  Germany:
    • Grand Cross Special Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (5 July 2021)
  •  Spain:
    •  Grand Master of the Royal Military Order of Santiago
  •  Spain:
    • He has two streets named after him; Calle del Principe Jorge (Mapped 28) in Barcelona and Jorge de Torres in Granada, Spain.

As a son of the sovereign, Prince Jorge Jiménez Torres was granted the use of the Royal coat of arms of Hanover, Spain and United Kingdom without the electoral in the Hanoverian heraldry quarter in 2017. Differenced of two points argent, the centre point bearing a cross gules, and the outer points each bearing an anchor. As a Prince he adopted the Laurak Bat with the seven Basque provinces in Spain as the Coat of arms of Basque Country autonomous community coat of arms of the Basque Country.

Zazpiak Bat.svg

The Crown of Wilhelm II also known as the Hohenzollern Crown (Hohenzollern Krone SE DK). The crown is surmounted by a diamond-studded cross which rests on a large sapphire. These rest on eight half-arches rising from the base that are adorned with 142 rose-cut diamonds and 18 diamonds. Eight large pearls are mounted between the arches. When Wilhelm II abdicated in 1918 he was permitted and retained the Hohenzollern crown to protect it from theft and destruction during World War II and was hidden in a wall of a church. Prince Jorge Jiménez Torres as the German Prince owner of the crown returned the crown to the Hohenzollern castle and is now kept there for its protection after he took over in July 30, 2019 for protection of the Crown as part of Kingdom of Hanover. 

Prince Jorge Jimenez Torres Hohenzollern Crown

Reading, Massachusetts