Producer Prince Johann George V: Over 600,851,260 million tracks streams Worldwide

According to Nielsen Company metrics in NYC, Prince Johann George V whose name is Jorge Adrian Jimenez Torres has sold 153m copies of album penultimate Secrets world wide. His album called Disposition has sold since its release in two weeks 57 million. The albums Stay or Go and 26 which are his recent albums has sold combined in streams 326 million worldwide. His album 1987 which is date of birth streamed over 25m and his recent album Outer Space has sold in streams 37m streams.

Globally according to Nielsen he is no. 1 in radio stations, including United States, Canada, Europa, and Russia when leverage as no. 1. When we sum the total of this two albums Prince Johann George V has sold over 600m copies of albums around world. Nielsen calculated his tracks are repeated on stations by an hour from two to three times a day per hour.

In an interview with a Radio Station in Moscow two weeks ago he explained took him 2 years and 6 months two produce a catalogue of 200 tracks. He explained to them he is releasing something new by next month when he feel is appropriate because he has a contract with his record label until 2030 in Europa and he does not want to throw out everything he has only when he feels correct for him to do so.

As Nielsen contributors explained numbers speak by itself.

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